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Why E logs are better for

maintenance tracking

Prevent injuries by following up on repair requests



General education

Mechanics' garage/shop safety checklist

Fleet maintenance tips for mechanics - tip sheet

Force & Ladders Don't Mix

Be a pro: Hockey poster Can be printed on 8.5x11 or 11x17 paper.



Mechanics Hazard Alerts developed from fatality investigations

A recent Washington State fatality involving a heavy equipment mechanic is a reminder to all who work on large vehicles in the trucking industry. Mechanics hazard alert


A recent Washington State fatality involving tire inflation includes recommendations to prevent similar incidents. Tire explosion hazard alert (Links to Washington L&I web site)



Links to steering wheel covers:

Caution Disabled Vehicle*

Danger - Trilingual*



* These links are included for your convenience and are not officially endorsed by TIRES (Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis).


Other styles and brands are also available.


SHARP Program | Department of Labor & Industries | PO Box 44330 | Olympia, Washington 98504-4330

Phone: 1-888-667-4277 | Contact web developer at TIRES@Lni.wa.gov

Truck mechanics are vital to your business. A properly maintained truck or fleet saves fuel costs, injury costs and assures your load is delivered as promised. Here are tips to keep mechanics safe so that they can keep your fleet running.